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Moving in Texas – How to Avoid Rogue Movers

Moving in Texas comes with the risk of dealing with rogue movers. It is important that you know how to detect them and how to avoid them. The only other option is to do self-moving, but this is not always possible. Self-moving only works when you do not have a lot of stuff to move with, when you are moving near your old home, when you are moving out hurriedly and when you do not have enough money for professional moving companies in Texas.

To avoid rogue movers, you should know what a rogue mover is like. You should always avoid deals that seem to be too good to be true. You can only know that the rate charged is fair by comparing moving quotes from different moving companies in Texas. The best place to do this is over the internet because many moving companies in Texas can be found online. From the laws of probability, your chances of getting a credible moving company in Texas are directly proportional by the number of companies you look at. To avoid rogue movers who lower their prices to attract unsuspecting people, you should only stick to companies that give you a moving estimate detailing how they are charging you.

To avoid rogue movers, you should not rely on the internet too much. Most rogue movers operate online because it is difficult to track their physical location, meaning you cannot take legal action or any other action if anything goes wrong in the moving process. They also use the internet because there the internet has many people they can con. Crimes that are common with such companies are cyber crimes such as credit card fraud. The only way to avoid such rogue movers is to determine the credibility of moving companies in Texas first before making any transaction. The best way to determine the credibility of moving companies is to get customer testimonials. Another option is to get recommendations from friends, neighbors or workmates who might have used such a service before. If these two options are not available, you should visit the company’s website and look for a small lock icon located on the left-hand-side corner of the landing page. You can also make the determination by looking at the URL of the website – it should read http and not https.

Another common scam is where you load all your belongings in a genuine-looking truck and you never see the cargo again. You should avoid this trap by visiting the premise of the moving company you are interested in so that you can look at the license by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and at the unique US Department of Transportation number or USDOT number. You can then cross-reference in the FMCSA’s website.

You should be careful about rogue movers, but the solution is not to avoid moving altogether. You should visit www.TEXASAPARTMENTMOVERS.NET for information on how to detect and avoid rogue movers. From the website, you will be able to get a credible moving company in Texas after comparing online moving estimates of different moving companies in Texas.


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