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General Info about Texas State to Note

General info about Texas State is important for those who want to move to Texas and for those who want to move but have not made up their mind on where they plan to move. One fact about Texas that you should know is that the state is the second-largest in the United States in terms of population and area. Texas State is located in the southern part of central U.S. and the state shares boarders with Mexico to the south and the states of New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana to the west, north, northeast and east respectively.

Texas State covers an area of 696,200 square kilometers and the state has an approximate population of 24,600,000 residents. The capital city of Texas State is Austin, but this is hardly the largest city in the state. The largest city is Houston and this is the fourth largest city in the United States. Other big cities in the state are Dallas, San Antonio and El Paso. A fact about Texas that you should know is that the state is nicknamed the lone star state. This is a reminder of the state’s struggle for independence from Mexico and the star is found in the state’s flag and seal. Texas State is associated with cowboys because of the state’s history as the center of the United State’s cattle industry in the past and in the present – there are many ranches across Texas and the state is still one of the leading cattle product producers in the nation.

Since Texas State covers an area of 696,200 square kilometers, it is not surprising that the state has diverse landscapes. This areas means Texas State is about 10% larger than France and it is double the size of Germany or Japan. If Texas State were a country, it would be the 40th largest in the world. Texas State has 10 climatic regions, 11 ecological regions and 14 soil regions. It is difficult to classify the climate of Texas State due to the vastness of the state. Texas States gets thunderstorms often, especially the northern and eastern parts. The state has suffered from some of the worst hurricanes in the United States and the states averages 139 tornados each year, the highest in the United States. Texas State has a desert, it has 3,700 named streams, it has one natural lake, Caddo Lake, about 100 artificial lakes and it has 15 major rivers.

Texas State has had a very rich history. A fact about Texas that you should note when planning your move is that the state produces the most greenhouse gases in all of the United States. Given that the United States is the leading producer of greenhouse gases, this is very significant. This emission stands at about 680 billion kg of carbon dioxide annually. This is because of the state’s manufacturing industries, coal power plants and oil refineries.

Texas State has a population that is 51.5% white, 20% Hispanic, 10.9% German, 7.2% English, 7.2% Scots-Irish, 11.5% African Americans and the rest are Asians, Native Americans and other races.

If you want to move to Texas for any reason, you should know the general info about Texas State. This information will help you have a good time in Texas and you can get the information at www.TEXASAPARTMENTMOVERS.NET. From the website, you will get a list of credible Texas moving companies where you can get online moving estimates.


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